Popular Tools for Mobile App Development in 2018

Marketing and businesses have intermingling relationships and coexist together. The activity of marketing survives because of the existence of business enterprises. Similarly, the business enterprises perform majorly because of marketing of the products and services of the said business organization.

With time and development in technology, every facet of life has had a paradigm shift. The same is true even for the marketing services performed by the business organization. The digital media platform has had a penetrating effect on the ways marketing activities are performed by various business organizations. This is most commonly referred to as digital marketing.

Digital marketing involves the use of internet services and makes the entire process of marketing faster and more convenient. This new concept of marketing has also included the phones that we use for interacting with each other and thus making the entire concept of digital marketing mobile and on the move.

Digital Marketing Strategy or techniques, just like traditional marketing techniques, need to be customized depending on the medium and channel of communication. Therefore for mobile digital marketing practices, there are customized applications developed to suit the mobile screen size and hardware configurations. Such applications are commonly referred o as mobile applications or mobile apps.

A mobile application is defined to be a digital program similar to a computer program, specifically designed and customized to operate on a mobile apparatus such as a phone, a tablet, or a watch. These applications significantly differ from those developed to run on desktops, laptops, and from mobile internets. The basic difference is the size of such applications. The mobile applications are usually much lighter than the applications run on our desktops and laptops.

The digital marketing platform has increased the arena of marketing for any business organization. This has, in turn, created niche industries to specifically cater to individual segments of digital marketing. A lot of companies, thus, have started to provide the customized service of developing mobile applications. Such mobile application development services are provided by niche companies who follow technology and technological innovations closely so that such technological upgrade can be incorporated in the mobile application thus developed for the client to reap the maximum results.

Mobile Application development company in India are mostly small startup companies started by young technocrats who are adept with the technology to create and develop the most useful mobile applications which can create the maximum impact on the end customer and provide maximum results in terms of sales, viewership, and ROI.

Further, the Mobile application development services companies in India vouch to custom develop applications for various operating platforms. These companies usually aim to create applications which are downloaded more by the end customers and used by them more frequently. This would help such applications get listed among the most ‘Featured apps’. Such listings would help the client grab more eyeballs and thus creating more conversions to the final sale of products and services.

The interesting task of creating and developing useful mobile apps for the clients usually require the mobile application development company to use certain tools and techniques. Some of the mobile application development tools which are the most popular in the industry are:

  • Appcelerator: As the name literally suggests, this tool helps in accelerating the process of application development by reducing the volume of code to merely a few lines.
  • Sencha: This particular application tools reduces the use of mouse and keypad and helps in creating applications mostly run by fingertips, thus increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Xamarin: This tool is known for reusing business logic layers and provides access to data across various platforms.
  • PhoneGap: This particular tool helps the mobile application development company in creating a single application for all mobile devices with various operating and application platforms.
  • Ionic: This mobile application tool helps the developers in creating hybrid mobile applications which are highly interactive too.
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